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Sunday, January 02, 2005

solo song

solo song
tony gallucci

you'd have to have wings to understand
the trees steal a little sky
along the horizon
and corral dreams before they stray
out there on that edge
lone trees
tiny and distant in our minds sometimes
reminders that beyond the edges
might be some

world worth waiting for

beneath a winter-bare oak
watch it slice the sky
a jigsaw puzzle
somehow keeping the pieces enveloped
bird hovering over her brood
last refuge from an ill wind
gathering the blue fragments of our lives
into a whole
which is just another word for love

same tree
in deepest summer
becomes the sky
just another word for home
for those who have flown too far
or too long
or not enough
huge and close like that
hovering limbs, anchoring roots,

shade and pulse
singing windsong lullabyes
in the darkest nights
the story of a childhood
voice in some wilderness
throbbing of a heart

you would have been the first

to tell us
not to blame some tree
snatching planes from the sky
trees were made for birds
you’d say
this one must have been lonely
drawn to the lonely
you'd say

bird is just another word for angel

maybe you're telling your last story
chuck-will's-widow in the dawn
solo song in the darkness
hoping light arrives soon
for everyone else