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Saturday, January 01, 2005

praying for something worth praying for

praying for something worth praying for
tony gallucci

Your ashes churned in the river, abandoned the space we gave you. The turtles smelled us and drifted to shore. The way your friends laugh, the noise we brought to gatherings, melted into those boiling sands. We watched children playing, jumping rope, playing tag, chunking rocks, shooting marbles. Circling is just another waiting. We watched the numbers on the elevator for proof of time. We chased birds from your fields. They’d return, searching among the grains for your strength, your wisdom in their beaks. We read the searing prose in the eyes of those you would have hated. We followed the river. Your history passes by there. We held the babies you'll never know. Held them tight, sang low. Word by word, we watched their minds churn like the river, their bodies explode like galaxies. Played that music hard on high cheekbones. Knew the poetry in their young chests, ripe with needings and wantings and holdings. Find us please, in our prayers. Find us please, our prayers. Find us please, in your prayers.

(for tom gipson)